Work Gloves

The job of a lineman is hazardous as they spend their time working with their hands and often need strong work gloves to do their job. Throughout the utility industry, every precaution must be taken to protect the safety of linemen and other workers. This includes protecting a worker’s hands from unnecessary wounds like cuts, burns, splinters, or punctures. No lineman should be working without a great pair of leather work gloves.

It is important for linemen to always wearglovesbecause they regularly are exposed to environments or hazards that are not ideal for hand protection. Due to these different types of hazards, it is important to determine what type of glove is best for the situation.

Divergent Alliance provides leather work gloves to help companies across the U.S. protect their employees from different hazards encountered on the job.

At Divergent Alliance, we will help ensure that you get the gloves you need to keep your employees safe and stay in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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What are Work Gloves?

As mentioned above, work gloves keep you safe from cuts, abrasions, burns, or punctures. Choosing the right gloves is important to make sure your job can be done safe and effective.

Linemen and other utility workers can safely work in potentially hazardous environments with proper gloves as they greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Features of Leather Work Gloves

Wholesale Fire Resistant Work ClothsWhen it comes to leather work gloves, they will greatly reduce your risk from various types of hazards. The different features that gloves have will determine what they will keep you safe from.

  • Cuts and Abrasions:削减和磨损存在于几乎所有印度河try. It is important that a glove is strong enough to resist these types of hazards while also being thin enough for maximum dexterity.
  • Punctures:Punctures can be large objects or small splinters. Workers seem to be more aware of the larger objects, but the splinters almost always are unseen until there is pain on your hand.
  • Impact Protection:When moving objects or working in tight confines, a glove that will protect your hand and absorb some of the impact will greatly reduce injuries form smashes or crashes.
  • Heat and Burns:A good glove creates a barrier between your hand and an object to keep you safe from burns.
  • Extreme Temperatures:Cold temperatures can cause long lasting or permanent damage to the skin. Strong gloves will hold in your body heat and block out the cold.

Materials of Work Gloves

Work gloves can be made from several different materials with different protective qualities. The more common natural materials used in heavy duty gloves include leather or deerskin with sheepskin linings for insulation. Leather gloves have a wide range of uses and already have excellent natural gripping characteristics along with the ability to resist heat, cuts, or abrasions.

使用的材料制成的手套不工作leather or deerskin include stainless steel, or poly-para-phenylene, also know as Kevlar. These gloves usually look like they are made from a type of mesh fabric and are designed for a more precise fit with more dexterity. Gloves made from these types of materials are great at resisting cuts from knives or glass, along with any other sharp objects.

Impact resistant gloves are capable of absorbing shock or impacts that workers might be exposed to on the job. These types of safety gloves have unique protective features such as thermoplastics rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, or other types of foams that protect your hands from smashes or crashes.

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Selection of Work Gloves

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Divergent Alliance ContactOutfitting your employees with proper work gloves will help protect them from cuts, abrasions, impact, punctures, and weather. They can also keep your company in compliance with OSHA regulations. Divergent Alliance can provide a wide variety of work gloves so you can outfit your entire work force.

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