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批发- HDPE和PVC电缆管道Conduits

Divergent Alliance is a wholesale supplier of a wide range of PVC conduits and HDPE pipes from the best manufacturers in the industry, including WL Plastics, Prime Conduit and Champion Fiberglass.

Electrical conduit is the tubing that is used for electrical protection. Electrical conduit is typically required when wiring is exposed or can be damaged. Electrical conduit commonly contains two or more insulated wires. Conduit is installed with compatible fittings such as couplings, connectors, elbows, and electrical boxes. Although you don’t see it conduit is hidden behind the walls and is encased in the foundations of our homes and business in our community, you’ll also find it under your city and along the roadways, you drive on daily. It is important for conduit to be installed in accordance with applicable local code rules and in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Conduit is necessary for preventing electrical hazards and maintaining electrical safety. At Divergent Alliance we offer electrical conduits from 3 top manufacturers in the industry WL Plastics, Prime Conduit, and Champion Fiberglass.

Difference between above ground and below ground conduit

The difference between above ground and below ground conduit is their fire-resistant qualities.

Above Ground Conduit

Above ground conduit has fire resistance per CSA C22.2 No. 2515 and UL 2515 standards. These standards require that the above-ground conduit will self-extinguish within 15 seconds after each of five successive flame applications per the UL 94 (vertical) flame test standard.

Below Ground Conduit

Below ground conduit meets UL 94 (horizontal burn) requirements, which are less strict than vertical burn requirements. A few similarities between Above ground conduit and below ground conduit are colors, dimensions, physical and mechanical properties are the same. Although above-ground conduit has a higher flame resistance, its suitable and can be used for below-ground applications as well.

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Electrical Conduit Manufacturers

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HDPE Pipe from WL Plastics

WL Plastics’ telecommunications and electrical conduit is manufactured from the highest quality High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). WL Plastics Conduit (duct or innerduct) made with HDPE provides the ultimate protective pathway for power utility distribution, telecommunications, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), and CATV. HDPE conduit is often installed via Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) because of its high tensile strengths and flexible nature, reducing installation costs and disruptive impacts to worksites and the surrounding environments. HDPE conduit can also be set in or plowed into place in traditional trenching installation methods. HDPE conduit is a durable product resistant to impact damage around a broad range of temperatures. WL Plastics HDPE conduit offers the ideal protective pathway for electrical distribution cables and fiber-optic telecommunication cables, protecting them from impact or root and rock impingement. The properties that make HDPE create an ideal material solution for creating conduits used in power and telecommunications systems. WL Plastics provides a wide range of HDPE conduit products for use in a wide range of challenging applications and environments.

Benefits of HDPE Pipe:

  • Quality: WL Plastics uses only the highest quality HDPE materials and never uses filler material or recycled material. HDPE conduit is certified to ASTM D3350 standards and meets and exceeds cell class PE334480C or E.
  • Compliance: HDPE pipe manufacturing processes strictly adhere to industry standards such as ASTM F2160, UL 651A, and NEMA TC-7.
  • Continuous Lengths: We offer our HDPE pipe on reels to deliver long, continuous lengths that are easy to transport and install. This continuity eliminates the need for joints, making it the ideal pathway for plowing installations and HDD.
  • Flexibility: HDPE can bend and flex without cracking or snapping and can withstand shifts in the ground or terrain without damage. It operates within a broad thermal range and provides excellent ductility even at low temperatures. Due to the material’s high flexibility, it allows conduit to contour to trenches and be easily routed around ground obstacles.
  • 耐久性:HDPE pipe features unmatched toughness and high impact resistance. Using high-quality raw materials ensures that WL Plastics conduit won’t crack or become brittle with aging.
  • Chemical Resistance: HDPE conduit will not corrode, making it an excellent choice in environments with high soil or moisture exposure. The material is resistant to bacteria, fungal, and pest’s decomposition and resists harsh chemical environments, including variable pH, and reactive minerals, shielding the expensive electrical or fiber optic cables housed inside.
  • Low coefficient of friction (COF): HDPE has a naturally low COF and is receptive to lubrication. Lower COF means that HDPE conduit has lengthier pull lengths, allowing for fewer manholes that are further apart than what would be possible with other electrical conduits.
  • Thermal Resistance: WL Plastics HDPE conduits are rated to hold electrical cables with operating temperatures up to 90° C (194° F). Electrical HDPE conduits retain ductility and toughness at cold temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C).

Prime Conduit

Prime conduit is a superior manufacturer of conduit products for the utility, electrical, and telecommunications markets. Their products include P&C Duct, Split Duct, schedule 40 and 80 Electrical Conduit, Bore-Gard, Multi-Gard, intra-Gard, PV Mold, Telephone Duct, and Conduit Elbows and Fittings.

Bore-Gard® Trenchless Raceway:designed and proven to meet the rigorous requirements of horizontal directional drilling for electrical and datacom applications.See details

  • Easy to handle 10 and 20-foot lengths
  • For bores up to 1000 feet
  • Fast easy assembly
  • 强烈的不透水的joints without cement
  • Fits standard rigid nonmetallic conduit fittings
  • All nonmetallic construction
  • Superior crush and stiffness over HDPE
  • Eliminates the need for backing plates and chain installation
  • Type: Schedule 40 – Heavy wall; Schedule 80 – Extra Heavy wall
  • Sizes: Schedule 40 – 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, & 8″ Schedule 80 – 2″, 3″, & 4″
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Intra-Gard®:is a multi-cell raceway system for use in direct bury and concrete-encased applications.See details

  • Ducts are pre-lubricated, eliminating the need for field-applied lubricants and decreasing the coefficient of friction, thus allowing for longer cable pulls.
  • Available in Type C and Schedule 40 wall types and is manufactured with extended length bell ends to facilitate assembly and ensure joint integrity. Factory-installed spacers provide proper alignment and spacing throughout the system.
  • Supplied in 20’3″ sticks for precise 20′ lay lengths.

Multi-Gard®:is a multi-cell raceway system intended for the telecommunications and utility industries. Multi-Gard PVC is manufactured in convenient 20 ft. lengths for easy handling and transportation and is ideal for pulling or jetting cable.Multi-Gard quick reference sheet


P&C® (Power & Communications) Duct:is designed for direct burial and concrete-encased applications of power utility primaries, secondaries, distribution systems, and street lighting. P&C Duct complies with NEMA TC-6 & 8, and ASTM F-512 for utility duct and is rated for use with 90oC conductors. Types: EB Duct & Sweeps, DB Duct & Sweeps, Special California Type DB-100 Duct & Sweeps.See details

PV-Mold:is a nonmetallic pole riser system designed to protect communications power cable installed on poles.See details

  • Designed to meet NEMA TC-19 Specifications
  • Schedule 40 meets Schedule 80 PVC conduit impact requirements per NEMA TC-19
  • Ultraviolet, cold temperature, and corrosive atmosphere resistant.

Schedule 40 Conduit & ElbowsSee details

  • PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (Heavy Wall EPC)
  • Listed for underground applications encased in concrete or direct burial. Also, For use in concealed or exposed applications above ground.
  • Rated for use with 90°C conductors
  • 490* Series
  • 1/2” – 6” Standard Radius and Special Radius Elbows available.
  • NEMA TC-2. Federal Specification WC1094A. NEC 352. ETL Listed to UL651

Schedule 80 Conduit & ElbowsSee details

  • PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (Extra Heavy Wall EPC-80)
  • Listed for use in aboveground and belowground applications including areas subject to physical damage.
  • Rated for use with 90°C conductors
  • Superior weathering characteristics
  • Identified for use in areas subject to physical damage in accordance to 352.12(C)
  • 494* Series
  • 1/2” – 6 ” Standard Radius and Special Radius Elbows available.
  • NEMA TC-2. Federal Specification WC1094A. NEC 352. ETL Listed to UL651

Split Duct:Split Duct and Kits are the easy and fast solution to repair broken ductwork without the costly cutting and re-splicing of your conductors.See details

  • Unique tongue-and-groove design leads the industry in delivering a strong, rigid solution for duct repair circumstances.
  • Interlocking design allows the split duct sections to be staggered and butted together.
  • Joints can be sealed with tape and reinforced with plastic or metallic straps to create a rigid, stable unit.

Split Kit

  • Damaged conduit can be restored without disturbing the installed cable/wire system
  • Split Kits are produced from extra-rugged PVC material
  • The distinctive design maintains the same physical performance and dimensional characteristics as the PVC pipe it is restoring.

Telephone Duct & SweepsSee details

Type B Duct and Sweeps

  • Intended to be used in concrete-encased installation
  • Color: White or Gray
  • 683* Series – Type B
  • 684* Series – Type B Heavy Wall
  • Use Type C Sweeps with Type B Duct
  • Bellcore CAO8546

Type C Duct and Sweeps

  • For use in direct bury or concrete encased installation
  • Color: White or Gray
  • 685* Series – Type C
  • Telephone Duct Sweeps manufactured from heavy wall “C” duct is available
  • Bellcore CAO8546

Type D

  • For use in exposed applications
  • Color: White
  • 686* Series – Type D
  • Use Type C Sweeps with Type D Duct

Champion Fiberglass

Champion Fiberglass is specifically engineered to provide long-lasting solutions for utility projects — no burn-through, low material cost and elbows fit for every configuration are just a few of the ways we support your projects’ success. Designed for extreme corrosion resistance and UV stability, Champion Fiberglass can stand up to any installation environment – outdoor, indoor, above, or below ground – Champion has the right fit for your conduit needs.

Champion Duct® (RTRC)See details

Electrical wireway conduit offers dependability through quality and unmatched versatility. Concrete encased, below ground, under bridge – and roughly anywhere in between – Champion Duct® delivers a range of benefits over other rigid electrical raceway conduit supplies like PVC-coated steel and thin wall EMT conduit pipe, including ease of installation, excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and more.

Champion Haz Duct®See details

With the widest range of corrosion resistance and superior impact resistance, Champion Haz Duct® XW Type Fiberglass Conduit provides a complete non-metallic solution that is built to handle the demands of hazardous industrial environments. Champion Haz Duct® is flame resistant with low-smoke characteristics, offering solid performance in even the most unpredictable surroundings.

Champion Flame Shield®See details

Champion Flame Shield® Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit System, a 2-hour fire-rated electrical conduit, holds its own in most environments, whether hot or cold, damp or dry. Featuring excellent corrosion resistance, a high-temperature rating, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low-smoke characteristics, this 2-hour rated conduit is the number one choice of surface-mounted fireproof electrical conduit for transit and passenger rail systems. The Flame Shield® fiberglass raceway system supports improved system longevity and relief from stray eddy current issues, common to some transit systems.

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Want to learn more about the electrical conduit pipes offered by WL plastics and Prime Conduit, Inc? Download their catalog and send us your questions and requests.