Veteran Owned Small Business Electrical Equipment Supplier

At Divergent Alliance, we are a proud veteran-owned small business serving the utility workers and linemen across the Country. We are a VBE and VOSB certified diverse business and we work with Hearts for Hope to help ease homelessness among veteran and other populations.

Veteran-Owned Small Business

Veteran Owned Diverse Utility Supplier

Divergent Alliance is a diverse,veteran-owned utility supplier, meaning we are at least 51 percent owned, operated, and controlled by veterans of the armed forces. We are considered a Tier 1 supplier because we provide tools and equipment directly to the utility workers and linemen who need them.

There are many reasons for businesses to work with diverse suppliers, including better supplier options,diversity spendcompliance, and social responsibility. Businesses who work with us as their supplier can enjoy the benefits that come with diversity spend:

  • Diversity spend compliance:Businesses that are contracted by the federal government are required to subcontract with diverse suppliers such as Divergent Alliance. Working with us will keep your business in compliance when it comes to diversity spend.
  • Fast lead time:Divergent Alliance is a high-value seller that provides fast lead times. You will get your tools and equipment quickly after you place your order.
  • Social responsibility:Businesses who embrace diversity spend exhibit a sense of social responsibility in supporting minority groups. This will also allow your business to expand your customer base by appealing to more diverse customers.
  • Branding:Working with minority suppliers will help strengthen your brand as your customers will realize that your business is committed to contributing to social issues.
  • More supplier options:By working with a wider range of suppliers, your business will have more options to help fulfill your needs.

Certified Diverse Business

When you work with Divergent Alliance, you will not only benefit your own business withutility supplier diversity program, but also support veterans of the U.S. armed forces. Veterans often face many difficulties after their service, including financial hardship. By supporting aveteran-owned small business, you can help prevent financial hardship among veterans. Many veterans have found success in their post-military lives by starting a business and these businesses are more likely to hire other veterans.

Businesses who work with Divergent Alliance are also helping to support Hearts for Hope, a non-profit that helps those who are homeless, unemployed, affected by poverty, or dealing with mental health issues. They provide housing, supportive services, and community outreach to those in need.

You can learn more about Hearts for Hope by visiting

Veteran Owned Electrical Equipment Supplier

Divergent Alliance is a proudveteran-owned electrical equipment supplierthat provides a wide range of tools and equipment for linemen and utility workers across the United States and Greater Chicago area. If you need quality electrical tools and safety equipment, contact our team.

You can reach Divergent Alliance by calling(847) 531-0559or bysubmitting a contact form.