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Wholesale Flagging Tape & Marking Flags

Marking flagsalso known asstake flags,survey flags,irrigation flags, andwire flagsare all used around worksites during landscaping, utility, and construction projects. Marking flags are used to easily identify irrigation lines, utility lines, crop rows, nursery trees, and more. Our marking flags are high-quality and ideal for aboveground marking in many industries, from utility construction to line locating, hardware to forestry, landscaping, and lawn care to pet containment. Our marking flags are available in many different high-visibility colors. Our high-quality utility marking flags ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for above-ground marking.

Marking flags are used to mark specific areas that are important to a particular project. It is very important to use marking flags for operating a safe and effective worksite. The many different color marking flags inform workers of potential dangers or what an area entails. For instance, white tape is important because it is placed in areas deemed acceptable for excavation. When white flags are identified by work crews, they know the space has been surveyed and is free of potential danger.

Wholesale Flagging Tape
Wholesale Marking Flag

As a Flagging Tape and Utility Marking Flag Wholesale Supplier, we carry some of the best utility marking flags on the market for a very affordable price. Check out more of ourtraffic safety supplyproducts and reach out to a Divergent Alliance specialist at847-531-0559or fill out acontactform.

Utility Flag Colors

utility flag colors
utility flag colors

White Utility Flags:Proposed excavation limits or routes

Pink Utility Flags:Temporary survey markings, unknown/unidentified facilities

Red Utility Flags:Electric power lines, conduit, cables, and lighting cables

Yellow Utility Flags:Oil, natural gas, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous or flammable material

橙色效用国旗:Telecommunication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit

Blue Utility Flags:饮用水

Purple Utility Flags:Reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines

Green Utility Flags:Sewers and drain lines

Stake Flag features:

  • Bright colors for maximum visibility
  • Fade-resistant color for long-lasting marking
  • Ideal for above-ground marking even at -40°F
  • 100-quantity pack for marking even the biggest jobs
  • Sizes available:
    • 4″ x 5″ x Shaft 30″
    • 4″ x 5″ x Shaft 21″
    • 2.5″ x 3.5″ x Shaft 21″

Flagging tape

Flagging tapeis also known as萎靡不振的瑞柏onorsurveyors tape. Flagging tape is important for job site safety and efficiency. Non-adhesive flagging tapes are used in many industries as an easy, temporary color-coding and safety marking solution. Similar to marking flags flagging tape is used to map out areas on job sites to easily be identified by work crews. Marking flags are typically a wire flag put in the ground where flagging tape is a non-adhesive that can be wrapped around a tree, poles, wood sticks, etc. Its ease of use, bright colors, and ability to resist fading makes it ideal for increasing visibility of hazards and landmarks across a range of applications.

common uses for flagging tapes:

Construction and Utility Work: Contractors and construction workers use flagging tape to mark sewers and drain lines, gas and oil lines, and electrical operations such as power lines and lighting cables. Flagging areas makes it easy to recognize and locate potential hazards, reducing the risk of injury on the job site.

Surveying: Flagging tape, also known as surveyors tape is used by surveyors to indicate property boundaries and landmarks that have been measured out by land surveyors. While projects are in development it is important that the color of the tape remains bright.

Forestry: Flagging tape is used often in forestry to mark trees for a variety of purposes. One color may indicate trees designated for logging and another to mark an unhealthy tree. Flagging ribbon can also be used to mark trails or paths for visitors. Foresters can also use the tape to draw attention to animal habitats or alert people to hidden dangers such as poison ivy.

Disasters: First responders and emergency crews use flagging tape to relay information to crew members during or after a disaster. Green is used to indicate patients with non-serious injuries that can wait for attention. Yellow represents persons with serious, but non-life-threatening conditions. Red denotes patients with serious injuries in need of immediate attention. Lastly, black is used to mark the deceased.

Mining: Safety is extremely important in this industry and flagging tape plays a vital role in safety and efficiency in this job role. Flagging tape is used to make reference points, identify drill holes, and more.

Standard Flagging Tape Color

我们提供以下萎靡不振的胶带颜色:蓝色flagging tape, green flagging tape, red flagging tape, yellow flagging tape, white flagging tape. Specs are shown below:


Fluorescent Flagging Tape Colors

We offer the following fluorescent flagging tape colors: fluorescent orange flagging tape, lime color flagging tape, red flagging tape, pink flagging tape, green flagging tape, and yellow flagging tape. Specs are shown below:


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