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Lineman StoreProfessional lineman and utility workers have complex jobs and they need a range of reliable tools to do their jobs effectively. It is important for linemen to know that the tools and equipment they use are effective for getting the job done, but also for ensuring their safety. The job of a lineman can be dangerous which makes using effective tools and safety equipment all the more important.

At Divergent Alliance, we are a one-stoplineman supply storefor professional linemen and utility workers across the United States. We supply a wide range of tools and safety equipment for lineman including2022年世界杯抽签 , grounding equipment,2022世界杯赛程安排 (PPE), hot sticks, voltage detectors, power tool accessories, and much more. The lineman tools we supply are from the top manufacturers of the industry includingSalisbury,MADI,Greenlee, andHuskie Tools.

Lineman Supply

We understand that linemen need tools and equipment that they can trust to last and protect their safety. That is why ourlineman tool supplycomes from the most trusted brand names in the industry. Our team can supply you with the right, quality tools that fit the needs of you and your business.

Divergent Alliance can supply the following lineman tools and equipment from the top manufacturers of the industry:

Salisbury by Honeywell

Salisbury Lineman Store Chicago Illinois

150多年来,索尔兹伯里被提供ing electrical tools and safety equipment. We can supply the following from Salisbury:

  • Insulated hand tools:Salisbury offers a range of hand tools that are insulated to protect against electric shock up to 1,000 volts AC. Their tools have a plastic yellow underlayer and a red rubber overlayer for protection that is also impact resistant and flame retardant. The hand tools they offer include wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, sockets, and ratchets and they are available individually or in kits.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE):We can supply personal protective equipment from Salisbury including gloves and sleeves, hard hats, face shields, and dielectric boots. This equipment is made in compliance with OSHA standards to protect linemen from electric shock and other hazards on the job.
  • High voltage grounding cables & equipment:Grounding equipment is very important for worker safety as it protects against electric shock if the power lines or electrical circuits being worked on are somehow re-energized. We can supply all the parts needed for protective grounding cables, assemblies and sets from Salisbury including clamps and ferrules.

Call Divergent Alliance at(847) 531 - 0559orsubmit a contact formfor pricing. We offer fast-shipping across the United States.

MADI Tools

MADI Tools Lineman Store Chicago IllinoisMADI was founded by a former lineman and manufactures innovative hand tools for maintaining power lines.西班牙vs北马其顿can supply the following tools from MADI:

  • Knives:We can supply a range of utility knives from MADI including pocketknives and skinning knives. Their knives feature durable, stainless steel blades and ergonomic grips made of non-conductive materials. You have several blade choices including pointed tip, safety blade, straight blades, and blunt tip.
  • Wire brushes:MADI offers a range of wire brushes that can be used to clean wires and conductors. They have lightweight, handheld stainless-steel brushes available as well as J wire brushes that can be attached to a hot stick.
  • Sockets and wrenches:The sockets and wrenches from MADI are lightweight with a non-conductive rubber grip and made from durable stainless steel. We can supply you with the tri-square big wrench, slot socket, and Penta socket and wrench with drill adapters.
  • Striking tools:MADI offers striking tools that include smooth and milled hammers with a built in J hook to remove nails and staples.


MADI Tools Lineman Store Chicago IllinoisGreenlee has been providing tools and equipment for more than 150 years for professional tradesmen including electricians, utility workers, and linemen. We can supply the following Greenlee tools:

  • Hand tools:Greenlee offers a variety of hand tools made from chrome vanadium steel with dipped double layered vinyl grips or molded ergonomic grips. These tools are long lasting and insulated for protection. The hand tools available from Greenlee include pliers, wire cutters and crimpers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, wrenches, cutting tools, hex keys, bolt cutters, levels, hammers, and more. They also offer several different tool kits.
  • Power tool accessories:We can supply a variety of power tool accessories from Greenlee including drill bits, steel hole cutters, hole saws, auger bits, spade bits, saw blades, hand saws, anchors and fasteners, and more. Their power tool accessories are built to last and can cut smoothly through many different materials.

At Divergent Alliance, we can supply much more from Greenlee including knockouts, bending equipment, fishing equipment, cable pulling equipment, wire and cable termination, testing and measurement tools, and storage and handling equipment.


詹姆逊线务员商店芝加哥Jameson was founded in 1956 and they are known for manufacturing the first fiberglass poles and improving work light equipment. Divergent Alliance can supply the following from Jameson:

  • Fiberglass poles:Jameson made the first fiberglass poles before they became the industry standard. They offer a range of fiberglass poles for line clearance and tree trimming that are durable and lightweight.
  • Tree trimming:Linemen and utility workers will occasionally have to trim tree branches away from power lines and electrical equipment. Jameson provides tree trimming tools for lineman and for professional arborists that include pulley pruners and saws that can be attached to their fiberglass poles, as well as hand saws.
  • Lighting:Jameson offers a range of lighting equipment for jobsites including handheld fluorescent lights and large tripod LED lighting. Their lights are flicker free with reduced heat output and they are well protected, so they are durable on the jobsite.

We can supply a wide range oflineman equipmentfromJamesonincluding inside wiring, underground cabling and locating equipment, aerial cable placement tools, fiberglass poles,tree cutting tools, and lighting.

Lineman Store

Divergent Alliance is alineman storethat can supply linemen with all of the tools and equipment they need from these top manufacturers. Give us a call at(847) 531 - 0559or submit acontact formto learn more about the tools and equipment we supply for linemen.

Call Divergent Alliance at(847) 531 - 0559orsubmit a contact formfor pricing. We offer fast-shipping across the United States.