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Caution tapeis a relatively minor, yet important tool on the job site for construction and electrical work. Utility workers and construction contractors use caution tape to block off areas that may be dangerous to help protect the general public. However, much of the caution tape used is quite flimsy and may not hold up for long when exposed to the elements. At Divergent Alliance, we providereusable,lighted caution tapethat is visible on job sites during the day and at night. This reinforced caution tape is highlydurable and weather resistantand it features high efficiency LED lights for maximum visibility. When your crew is not onsite, you can trust that this lighted caution tape will stay lit through the night and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Reusable Caution Tape (with LED)

Reusable Caution Tape with LED传统的谨慎磁带不是reusable, and it cannot always be seen at night. This lighted caution tape is aninnovative construction safety productthat not only lights up for nighttime visibility but is alsoreinforcedto withstand the elements and last for weeks on the jobsite. The caution tape itself is bold legend for easy visibility during the day and features LED lights embedded in a flexible LED shield along the bottom of the tape that make it easilyvisible at night. All connections are waterproof, and the switch and battery case are sealed so the caution tape is weather resistant in all seasons. When activated, the high efficiency LED lights flash for maximum visibility. The lights are powered by AA batteries, and can last up to 60 days without needing a battery change (Depending on power setting). The battery packs have a switch for three settings: Off/ On/ Photocell. The Photocell setting uses a sensor to automatically turn the lights on when it becomes dark, and off again when it is light.

Reinforced Caution Tape

This lighted caution tape is much stronger than traditional caution tape. The 5 Milreinforced woven tapehas 650 pounds of tensile strength for maximum durability. It is also UV inhibitor coated to prevent the color from fading in the sunlight. We have this lighted caution tape available in two colors: yellow for “Caution/Cuidado” and red for “Danger/Peligro.” The following are the main features of the lighted caution tape:所有Season Weather Resistant

Reinforced Caution Tape

  • Sealed battery case
  • Sealed switch
  • Waterproof connections
  • LED lights embedded in flexible LED shield

High Durability

  • 5 Mil reinforced woven tape
  • 650 lbs. tensile strength
  • UV inhibitor coated

Long Run Time

  • High efficiency LED lights
  • Photocell to turn on lights at night
  • Flashing for maximum visibility

Simple Operation

  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Three settings: Off/ On/ On with Photocell
  • Use like standard barricade tape in any light conditions


  • 33-foot lighted caution tape
  • Battery case that takes 3 AA batteries (batteries sold separately)

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Reinforced reusable lighted caution tape

If you are interested in lighted caution or danger tape to use on your jobsites, contact Divergent Alliance ororder nowfrom our website. You can reach us at(847) 531 - 0559.

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Want to learn more about the Lighted Caution Tape & Lighted Cone Bar? Download their catalog and send us your questions and requests.