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Since 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in America, and it’s as important for the Klein family to keep that tradition now, as it was more than 150 years ago. Klein Tools continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing and is committed to maintaining its place as the favorite among electricians. Klein is the only major tool manufacturer worldwide focused on electrical and utility applications.

At Divergent Alliance, we are committed to providing linemen and electricians with the best possible equipment that helps them do their jobs safely and effectively. In order to do this, we only work with the best manufacturers of the industry. We take pride in being a distributor for trusted, quality manufacturers like Klein Tools who produce their products in the U.S.

Klein Tools Wholesale and Bulk Purchase

Divergent Alliance is a proud distributor of Klein Tools. Klein Tools has been providing high quality tools for linemen and other utility workers since 1857 and their tools are among the most trusted of the industry.

我们提供批发和c批量购买的价格ustomers and businesses who need large quantities of tools and equipment. If you need high quality hand tools and equipment from a trusted manufacturer, contact our sales representatives at Divergent Alliance for wholesale and bulk purchase pricing for Klein Tools.

You can reach us by calling (847) 531-0559 or submitting acontact formto request a quote.

Industries served by Klein Tools

克莱因工具已经发展多年来创造人y different types of hand tools that are used by workers in many industries including electrical and telecommunications, construction, electronics, aviation, mining, and more. Klein is known for their high-quality hand tools including their pliers, insulated electrical tools, and crimping and bending tools, and they also offer quality tool bags and climbing equipment as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Professional linemen and other tradesmen need high quality tools that they can depend on to not only do the job effectively, but to keep them safe as well. With more than 3,000 hand tools and accessories available, linemen and other utility workers are sure to find the tools that fit their needs and will deliver beyond their expectations. Klein Tools will continue to expand their product lines for hand tools to offer dependable, quality tools for workers in general industry.

The products manufactured by Klein Tools are made from the highest quality materials with superior workmanship. They produce more hand tools used in the electrical and telecommunications field in the U.S. than any other manufacturer that makes related products. Linemen and utility workers can depend on Klein products to deliver superior performance, durability, and precision to handle any job.

At Divergent Alliance, we offer competitive pricing for Klein Tools and accessories including hand tools, insulated tools, and tool sets.

Featured Klein Tools Products

The following are some of the high-quality tools that Klein Tools provides:

Klein Battery-Powered Tools

Klein provides durable battery-powered tools including crimpers, impact wrenches, utility bucket lights, and more. The battery-powered crimpers come in 7-ton and 12-ton kits and can crimp copper, aluminum, and ACSR. The impact wrench kit can apply up to 500 foot-pounds of max torque with a 0-1900 RPM variable speed trigger. All cordless Klein tools and lights come with batteries and a charger.


Klein manufactures a variety of tools for linemen including pliers, cutters, and insulating hand tools. Their insulated hand tools are durable with superior functionality, and they are resistant to shocks, flames, and impacts. These tools can be purchased as individual tools or in tool sets.

Klein Lineman Pliers

Klein is known for making the best pliers in the world for any type of job. In fact, it was Matthais Klein’s innovative plier design that first started Klein Tools’ reputation as a provider of high-quality tools. Klein offers a variety of pliers including insulated pliers, needle nose pliers, electronics pliers, slip joint pliers, side cutting lineman pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, and more.

Klein Cutters

Klein Tools produces a number of different cutting tools including cable cutters, bolt cutters, and basic cutting tools like knives and scissors. The cable cutters and bolt cutters are built to last and provide clean and precise cuts. The knives, scissors, and other cutting tools they have available can accommodate many different types of tasks.

Klein Cable Grips

Klein offers a wide variety of cable grips that are manufactured from custom drop-forged steel that is machined and heat treated. Their cable grips include grips for high strength cables as well as situations in which a light, compact grip is needed. Each grip is hand inspected and tested to ensure that it is reliable for its rated load.

Klein Tool Sets

Klein Tools offers tool sets that include a variety of tools to handle various tasks. Their electrician toolkits include the tools needed for electrician jobs and they come in 2-piece up to 48-piece kits. They also offer basic and specialty toolkits for cable installation.

Klein Tool Bags

Klein Tools offers a range of high-quality tool bags made of several different sizes and materials. Each of the tool bags offered are durable and built to withstand the harsh conditions of most jobsites. They have tool bags available made from leather, nylon, vinyl, polyester, canvas, and more.

Buy Klein Tools Online

Divergent Alliance is your one-stop shop for Klein tools, toolkits, tool bags, and accessories. Follow the links below to our online store where you can conveniently shop for quality Klein Tools products as well as products from other top manufacturers. If you are interested in wholesale or bulk pricing, call our professionals to learn more.

About Klein Tools

Klein Tools was founded in 1857 by Matthais Klein, a German immigrant dedicated to creating the best quality tools. Klein created a new type of tool for a lineman who broke his pliers and his reputation for quality workmanship grew. Klein has always focused on quality and has made improvements to their products over the years to ensure that their tools remain among the best available. Today, Klein Tools is run by fifth and sixth generation Klein family members and they have created a strong national and international presence with their professional, high-quality tools.

Klein Tools manufactures a wide range of quality tools from insulated hand tools and cutting tools to protective equipment and tool bags. Klein also provides tool sets that include a variety of different hand tools that help linemen, electricians, and other utility workers handle various jobs. Their tools deliver performance, durability, and precision that meets or exceeds the demands of linemen and electricians.

Klein Tools Distributor – Divergent Alliance

Divergent Alliance is an Authorized Klein Tools Distributor that provides their products for linemen and tradesmen including utility workers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and more. We provide fast lead times and excellent customer service to help you get the tools that you need.

If you are interested in placing a wholesale or bulk purchase, you may speak with one of our experienced sales representatives at (847) 531-0559 or request a quote at//


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  • American Manufacturing

    Divergent Alliance is a Veteran Owned Business, we pride ourselves on working with only the best manufacturers in the business. We especially love being a distributor for companies producing products made in the USA. We are a proud supplier of Klein Tools!

    Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools for over 150 years! Klein has been the best in the electrical tools business since 1857. For Klein Tools it’s not just the name of their company; it is their family name, they pride themselves on every product they make. Klein Tools is still a family business with fifth and sixth-generation Klein family members still carrying out the family legacy. With the pride of their family name behind their business Klein tools prides itself on reliable products that electricians and linemen can count on! Klein Tools is not just about making great products, they make great products that meet and exceed the demands of the electricians and linemen that use them. With Klein Tools’ high standards their customers receive electrical tools that deliver performance, durability, and precision. They accomplish upholding these standards by using quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and keeping manufacturing as close as possible. Upholding these standards has been extremely important for the last 150 years.

    Klein Tools continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing and is committed to maintaining its place as the favorite among electricians and linemen. Klein Tools is proud to manufacture utility tools in the United States of America. No other manufacturer of hand tools and related products used in electrical products makes more items in the United States than Klein Tools. We appreciate your business and interest in our line Klein Tools through Divergent Alliance.

  • History

    Since 1857, Klein Tools has been managed by Mathias Klein and his descendants. To this day fifth and sixth-generation, Klein family members continue to keep the brand thriving. As electrical industries have vastly changed from 1857, Klein Tools has developed with the times.

    Klein is not only loved amongst the utility industry in America but has a strong international presence as well. Due to Klein Tools established network and distributors across the world Klein Tools products are available around the globe. Klein’s reputation as a leading producer of professional-quality electrical tools is global.

    克莱恩的工具,在c. embodies much more than their famous Klein pliers. Klein’s product line has increased greatly to include every major hard tool used in electronics, construction, mining, electrical, and telecommunications fields. Like the industrial fields it serves, Klein Tools has grown considerably since 1857.

  • Klein Today

    Today, The Klein Tools brand is still the number one preferred hand tool in the electrical industry and many other related industries. Since 1857, Klein Tools has become a multi-million-dollar manufacturer. Even with the success they have had, Klein Tools still strives to stay the best in the industry by meeting and exceeding professional needs. Klein Tools consumers are loyal to the brand due to Klein’s commitment to professional-grade quality.
    Direct descendants of Mathias Klein are actively engaged in every aspect of the company. Its products are still sold through distributors who serve the professional tradesman. And Klein Tools still make efficient, dependable, and durable tools and equipment. Klein is dedicated to supplying only the finest quality products made for professional users.

  • Klein’s Mission

    Klein will continuously pursue world leadership in the design, development, production, and marketing of quality products and services that satisfy the needs of trade professionals and others who use tools to do their jobs.

  • Divergent Alliance -Klein Tools

    Divergent Alliance is a proud distributor ofKlein Tools. Klein provides lineman and electricians with toolsandtool setsthat include a variety of hand tools that linemen need to complete different jobs. Utility workers may be asked to complete different tasks and they need a quality, diverse set of tools that allows them to handle various tasks safely and effectively. We provide electrical tool sets for the utility industry from top manufacturers including Klein,Buckingham Buck, SafeWaze,Salisbury, andGreenlee. At Divergent Alliance we strive to provide electrical lineman tools to the utility industry in the Chicagoland area with the best distributors around. Since Divergent Alliance is a Veteran Owned Business, we especially love partnering with companies producing products made in the USA. We are a proud supplier of Klein Tools!

Klein tools has a lot to offer but if they don’t have what you need one of our other distributor’s will! The2022世界杯32强赛程表时间 we supply are from the top manufacturers of the industry includingSalisbury,MADI,Greenlee,Huskie Tools,Buckingham Buck,SafeWazeand more! At Divergent Alliance, we are a one-stoplineman supply storefor professional linemen and utility workers in the Chicagoland area. We supply a wide range oftools and safety equipment for linemanincluding2022年世界杯抽签 ,grounding equipment,2022世界杯赛程安排 (PPE), hotsticks, voltage detectors, power tool accessories, and much more.