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Journeyman linemen have the experience and license or certification to handle a wide range of tasks on electrical power systems. You must exhibit a certain level of expertise to become a journeyman lineman including the skills to work on wiring, powerlines, and transformers while understanding code regulations and blueprints. Journeyman linemen must also make sure they have the right tool set to cover any job that needs to be done.

不同的基地liance is a distributor ofjourneyman lineman toolsandtool setsthat include a variety of hand tools that linemen need to complete different jobs. Journeyman linemen may be asked to complete different tasks and they need a quality, diverse set of tools that allows them to handle various tasks safely and effectively. We provide electrical tool sets for journeyman linemen from top manufacturers includingSalisburyandGreenlee.

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Journeyman Lineman Tools

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Journeyman linemen have the training and ability to build and maintain electrical power systems. Journeymen may also accompany master linemen as they work on powerlines and transformers. In order to be prepared for any job, journeyman electricians need a good tool set.

The best journeyman tool sets consist of a wide range of tools needed for the various tasks performed by linemen. These tool sets generally include but are not limited to pliers, wire cutters and strippers, screwdrivers, hex key sets, hammers, voltage testers, and knives. It is also common for journeyman tool sets to include belts and holders to keep tools right at your side while on the job. It is important for journeymen to choose tool sets that have quality tools that are also insulated and safe for electrical work.

Journeyman Lineman Tool Sets

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We are a distributor ofjourneyman lineman tool setsfrom the best manufacturers of the industry. We can help supply you with a tool set that includes high quality, insulated electrical tools.

不同的基地liance supplies journeyman tool sets from the following manufacturers:

  • Greenlee:Our tool sets from Greenlee include various wire cutters and strippers, pliers, screwdrivers, voltage testers, tape measures, magnetic levels, and a heavy-duty storage bag and leather pouch. The hand tools are insulated with double layered vinyl.
  • Salisbury:We can supply journeyman linemen with a variety of tool kits from Salisbury including inside and outside maintenance tool kits, lineman tool kits, telecommunication tool kits, and more. Salisbury tools are insulated with materials that are impact resistant and flame retardant.
  • Jameson:The Jameson tool kits we provide include utility tool kits, electrician tool kits, maintenance tool kits, and general-purpose tool kits. These tools are insulated with Nylon 11 injection molding for maximum strength and protection against high voltage.

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