HUSQVARNA Professional Chainsaws

Husqvarna has been providing the world with the very best arborist chainsaws since 1959. Divergent Alliance is proud to be a Husqvarna chainsaw dealer because Husqvarna understands the challenges arborists and linemen face when using a chainsaw and are committed to solving these problems with innovative technology and ever-changing products. Husqvarna chainsaws offer smart solutions such as AutoTune™ performance software, as Air Injection™ technology, and the unrivaled X-Torq® engine. These advancements in technology have advanced performance optimize power output and improved fuel efficiency on our world-renowned arborist chainsaws. WE ARE A PROUD HUSQVARNA CHAINSAW DEALER.




Husqvarna chainsaw dealer

Professional chainsaws- Inspired by the future, driven by the past.

dielectric pole pruner – MADSAW

THE first and only dielectric gas-powered pole saw

The inefficient days of manual pole saws and hydraulic pole saws are over. The Husqvarna 525DEPS MADSAW (MAD = Minimum Approach Distances) dielectric gas-powered pole saw offers groundbreaking versatility in a variety of professional settings. Whether you’re a utility worker or an arborist, you can use the MADSAW in the bucket, in the tree, or on the ground.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna chainsaws deliver performance and power beyond your expectations that’s why at divergent alliance we are a proud Husqvarna chainsaw dealer. Husqvarna’s goal is to build chainsaws that keep pace with you no matter how hard-working you are. Husqvarna chainsaws deliver outstanding cutting capacity with plenty of acceleration and torque. Husqvarna’s professional chainsaws focus on comfort, control, and maneuverability, so each chainsaw is a pleasure to use. whether you’re limbing, felling, pruning or cross-cutting, your Husqvarna chainsaw should feel like an extension of yourself that perfectly channels your skills and experience. Husqvarna has poured their passion for technology and innovation into each of its products while drawing on its 60-year history as a premium chainsaw manufacturer.

Faster. Longer. Better.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

The next generation of cutting excellence from Husqvarna.


A sharp-from-the-start X-Cut® chain from Husqvarna gives the 572 XP® a superior cutting capacity.


Weighing just 6.6 kg with a powerful 4.3 kW engine, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio than other Husqvarna saws with similar displacement.


New engine design offers a wide RPM range for peak performance under heavy loads. A 12% higher cutting capacity (compared to previous models in the same cc range) makes the 572 XP® ideal for productive operation, even when using long guide bars.


The 572 XP®’s cooling system is optimized down to the finest detail to give you a reliable chainsaw for any situation.


The 572 XP® carries – as standard – a heavy-duty filter for longer and better filtration. The filter has a larger filtration surface in comparison to previous generations. Promises a healthier engine that’s optimized for long work hours.


The latest generation of AutoTune™ ensures a correctly tuned engine that’s optimized for peak performance in all conditions.


The next generation of Husqvarna chainsaws provides higher cutting capacities, resulting in an overall increase in efficiency. Get ready to cut more in less time.


Husqvarna chainsaws are designed to increase productivity and reduce downtime, which is made possible thanks to technology such as Air Injection™ and the latest version of AutoTune™.


At Husqvarna, chainsaws user-centric design is in the company’s DNA. The new generation of chainsaws, the design focused on well-balanced saw bodies with low gyroscopic forces that provide the best maneuverability and handling of any professional chainsaw lineup.

Professional chainsaws and accessories for arborists and linemen

As an arborist or a lineman, your success is measured by productivity. You require equipment that produces cutting-edge performance, world-class reliability, state-of-the-art safety features, and continuous comfort during long shifts. Husqvarna professional chainsaws are backed by a legacy of innovative solutions, Husqvarna tree care equipment is designed to help arborists and linemen achieve their true potential as a professional.

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

We are arborists. We are linemen. We are game-changers. We are just like you. And we know a great arborist or lineman never stops learning. That’s why Husqvarna works just as hard to bring innovative technology and tips and tricks to all its users. We are a proud Husqvarna chainsaw dealer bringing arborists the best professional chainsaws in the business. Husqvarna tests their chainsaws all over the world to ensure they meet the highest standards and demands across the world. Testing their arborist chainsaws in different areas allows them to learn how each saw works in different climates to make sure their chainsaws meet and surpass the expectations of professionals like you.

Tireless innovation

Years of focused research and development have led to many of Husqvarna’s chainsaw breakthrough technologies:

  • Low Vib® anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, diminishing the impact on your hands and arms creating a safer, more comfortable experience.
  • A combined choke/stop control makes your chain saw easier to start and avoids engine flooding.
  • Air Injection™ centrifugal air cleaning decreases wear and tear on the engine, increasing your operating time between filter cleanings.
  • TrioBrake™ creates a unique way of stopping the chain quickly, which improves your safety as well as your ergonomics and technique.

Professional chainsaw features

Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the arborist chainsaw in depth by exploring its features and design.


X-Torq provides reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world´s most strict environmental regulations.

Air Injection®

Centrifugal air cleaning system eliminates larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. Resulting in decreased air filter cleanings and improved engine life.


自动调谐throu提供最佳的发动机性能ghout automatic engine setting. zero time spent on carburetor adjustments. It compensates for different altitudes, fuels, humidity, temperature, and clogged air filter.


The system is designed to decrease vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.