Hastings Fiberglass

Hastings Fiberglassis a world-class manufacturer of fiberglass products and tools for the electrical power and communications industries. Since 1959,Hastings Fiberglasspioneered the design and fabrication ofhot line toolsto withstand today’s toughest field conditions. With a passionate commitment to innovation,Hastings fiberglass productsmake the job of a lineman safer and easier. Hastings is the number one choice for line workers around the world when it comes to making safe, dependablehot line toolsand equipment.




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Hastings Hot Line Tools

黑斯廷斯是热衷于提供ing customers, not only quality hot line tools but also the same quality of customer service. Hastings Fiberglass has many training videos to share their skills and expertise with the lineman in the utility industry. Training videos keep end users safe by informing customers on the proper care and maintenance of their hot line tools as well as informing linemen on the technology and manufacturing processes to build Hastings hot line tools.

Hastings innovations/patents: Originator of the Telescoping Hot Stick, Tel-o-Pole II the no twist stick, Ground/Jumper Assembly Tester, Insulated ratchet cutters, Hot Stick Tester, Regulator Neutral Detector, Sectional/telescoping shotgun sticks, Hot Line Indicators, Bucket Barricade™, Digital High Voltage Phasing Meter

Hard Working. Uncompromising. No Shortcuts. These words describe lineworkers and the Hastings’ products they trust.

Hastings Fiberglass

In 1959, Hastings pioneered the fabrication and design of hot line tools making Hastings a world-class manufacturer offiberglass toolsand products for the electrical, power, and communications industries. With a passionate commitment to innovation, Hastings products make the job safer and easier for linemen and electricians in the utility industry. Hastings is the number one choice for lineworkers around the world when it comes to making safe, dependable hot line tools and equipment.

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Lineman Hot Stick | Hot Line Equipment

电气设备如变压器和鲍威rlines have a dangerous electrical current running through them which is why lineman safety is of extreme importance. There are certain repairs and maintenance duties that need to be performed while the electrical system and circuits are live. Even when the circuits are de-energized, there is always a risk they can become re-energized. Therefore, it is important for linemen to always take caution and use hot line tools when working on high-voltage electrical circuits.

The development of the hot stick was crucial for protecting linemen while they perform hotline maintenance.Hastings Hot sticksallow linemen to work safely on live electrical equipment to avoid costly and inconvenient power shutdowns as well as keeping linemen and their crews safe while working on electrical lines. In 1959, Hastings created the Tel-O-Pole® telescoping hot stick and many other patented products making them the industry innovators of hotline tools and safety equipment for linemen and the electrical industry.

Hastings Fiberglass
Tool testing

Each hot stick that leaves Hastings has passed a dielectric test with an electrical gradient of 100KV per foot in accordance with industry standards such as ASTM, OSHA and IEC. At Hastings test facility, the glass being tested is monitored by sensitive micro-ammeters during the test which will completely shut down the test equipment if
there is either a flashover or if the leakage current exceeds the allowable levels. Any stick that fails the dielectric test is not used for any reason. Once
the manufacturing process has been completed and the hot stick has been packed and shipped, proper care and maintenance is turned over to you.

Lineman Hot Stick
Field Care

In the daily use of your Hastings hot stick, precautions should be taken to prevent moisture build-up or contamination. Many linemen can probably recall their first day on the line when they put a hot stick on the ground and were reprimanded for it. Linemen quickly learn that extra precaution is needed when working with hot sticks.

In the event, a utility job involves several hot sticks, a tarp or a tool rack is recommended. Even if your hot stick is reasonably clean, a daily inspection and a thorough wiping of the stick to remove dust and other contaminants are still recommended to maintain the dielectric strength of the hot tool.

Lineman Hot Stick
Field Cleaning

Hastings hot sticks should be wiped down with silicone treated wiping cloth. This adheres to OSHA Rule 1926.951:Sub-Part V: Tools & Protective Equipment. “All live line tools shall be visually inspected before use each day. Tools to be used shall be wiped clean and, if any defects are indicated, such tools shall be removed from service.” Wiping down the hot stick not only removes dust from the stick the silicone treated cloth leaves a fine silicone film being deposited on the surface of the stick. This will aid in repelling water and contamination helping to maintain the dielectric properties when the tool is used under wet or adverse conditions. If the marks or contamination on your hot sticks are more than what can be removed by simply wiping down the stick, a hot stick cleaner wipe should be used. If the contaminants on your hot stick are more than the silicone cloth or cleaner wipe can handle, then we recommend using an All-Purpose Cleaner.