Grounding Cables and Grounding Clusters

Grounding Cables

Working on powerlines and electrical equipment is a dangerous job because these systems harbor enough electricity to give a powerful, even fatal, electric shock. Linemen and utility workers installpersonal protective groundingsets that includegrounding cablesandground jumpersto protect themselves from an electric shock.

At Divergent Alliance, we supply equipment needed to install personal protective grounding includinggrounding cables,ground jumpers, andgrounding cluster sets. We offer quality grounding cables and equipment fromSalisburyandChance, two highly trusted manufacturers of the industry. Our professionals at Divergent Alliance also offerprotective grounding testingandrepairto help ensure that your personal protective grounding will effectively protect you from electric shock.

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Personal Protective Grounding

Personal Protective GroundingBefore linemen begin work on powerlines or an electrical system, the electrical circuit is de-energized. However, this does not provide 100 percent protection from an electric shock. The electrical circuit can become re-energized by stored electrical current, an adjacent circuit, switching equipment malfunction, or accidental re-energization. Installing personal protective grounding will protect the worker in case of re-energization.

Personal protective grounding works by providing a secure path to the ground to divert electrical current. This protects linemen from electric shock as they work on electrical circuits. The grounding kits that you use must be able to withstand the highest possible phase to phase and phase to ground fault current for the amount of time it takes for the current to clear the fault and flow to the grounding.

The following are the pieces of grounding equipment needed to build personal protective grounds:

  • Grounding clamps:Grounding clamps are metal clamps that are attached to the powerlines or electricity source.
  • Ferrules:The ferrules are what connects the grounding cables to the clamps. Ferrules are usually copper or aluminum and they may be threaded or plain.
  • Grounding cables:The grounding cables are what send the electrical current safely to the grounding. It is important to use the proper type and length of grounding cable to withstand the maximum system fault current for the maximum amount of time needed to clear it.
  • Shrink tubing:The shrink tubing provides insulation where the cable connects to the ferrule.
  • Cluster or 4-way connector:Clusters, or 4-way connectors, are pieces of equipment with multiple connectors for grounding cables. The are typically used to connect multiple cables coming from the power source to channel the electrical current into one cable that takes it to the grounding.

Grounding Cables and Ground Jumpers

Grounding Jumpers

Grounding cablesandground jumpersorclampsare important components of overhead and underground personal protective grounding. At Divergent Alliance, we can supply a wide range of grounding cables, jumpers, and clamps needed to install personal protective grounds. We offer high quality grounding equipment from Salisbury and Chance.

Salisbury Grounding Cables and Ground Clamps

Salisbury Grounding EquipmentThe grounding clamps available from Salisbury include C-clamps, flat jaw clamps, socket clamps, duckbill clamps, and specialty clamps for more unique applications. Each Salisbury ground clamp meets the current specifications of ASTM F 855 and they are offered in bronze and aluminum alloys.Click to Download Salisbury Catalog

Salisbury Grounding Clamps

Salisbury grounding cablesare flexible as they are made with soft drawn #30 AWG (.01”) copper that gives it extra flexibility. They are also available in the following three thermoplastic jackets:

  • Yellow:The yellow jacketed grounding cables (ASTM F 855 Type I) from Salisbury are a standard cable with temperature ranges from 200 degrees to -50 degrees F.
  • Black:The black jacketed grounding cable (ASTM F 855 Type I) is more flexible than the yellow cable because it has a thinner jacket and smaller diameter. The temperature range is 200 degrees to -50 degrees F.
  • PVC transparent:The PVC transparent jacket (ASTM F 855 Type III) allows for easy inspection to find a strand breakage, but it loses flexibility in colder temperatures. The temperature range is 140 degrees to -40 degrees F.

Chance Grounding Cables

Chance Grounding EquipmentChance provides a wide variety of grounding clamps including C-type, duckbill type, cluster grounding clamps, tower and flat-face grounding clamps, all-angle grounding clamps, apparatus grounding clamps, three-way grounding clamps, cutout grounding clamps, and switch blade grounding clamps. These electric ground clamps are available in bronze and aluminum and they can have smooth or serrated jaws depending on the application.Click to Download Chance Catalog

Chance grounding cablesare strong and flexible with jackets that are resistant to oil, abrasions, and weather conditions. They are available in yellow and black T-prene rubber compound jackets that can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees F. The clear PVC jacketed cables have a low temperature recommendation of 0 degrees F. All Chance grounding cables are made in accordance with all applicable ASTM specifications.

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Grounding Clusters and Grounding Cluster Set and Assemblies

The different parts used for building personal protective grounding must all be compatible with each other and appropriate for the application. If you are purchasing the parts for apersonal protective grounding set, our professionals at Divergent Alliance can help you choose the right equipment for your application and ensure that the parts of your set are compatible with each other. You can also purchase premade grounding sets that include the clamps, cables, clusters, and more that you need to set up personal protective grounds.

We provide grounding sets fromSalisburyandChancethat include clamps, cables, ferrules, and clusters to build and install an effective personal protective ground.

Salisbury Grounding Clusters

The索尔兹伯里接地集that we offer include:

  • Single grounding assemblies:These grounding sets have everything necessary to build a single grounding assembly.
  • Single point distribution grounding:These grounding sets have the equipment to build individual grounding assemblies that bond all conductors and the structure to a single ground source.
  • Special applications grounding sets:These sets consist of the equipment needed to build personal protective grounds in specific circumstances. These sets can be put together for more basic applications and unique applications that require a specific combination of equipment.
  • Grounding cluster sets:Grounding cluster sets consist of grounding clusters plus the clamps and cables needed to build grounding for a three phase system. Grounding clusters allow multiple grounding assemblies to be used by acting as the connection point.
  • Standard equipotential grounding sets:These sets include the equipment necessary for building personal protective grounds for a variety of standard electrical systems.
  • “Y” system grounding sets:These sets include the equipment needed to build grounding for “Y” distribution systems.
  • 4-way grounding sets:These sets include all the equipment, including 4-way grounding clusters, to build protective grounds in which multiple assemblies go into a common connection that leads to the ground connection.

Chance offers multiple grounding sets for overhead distribution and substation grounding. Each grounding set contains the clamps, ferrules, cables, and clusters needed to assemble the personal protective grounds.

Grounding Clusters

Grounding ClustersIn some instances, multiplegrounding assemblieswill need to be installed for personal protective grounds.Grounding clustersallow linemen to use multiple grounding assemblies and send them all to the same grounding through a connection point. It is recommended to use grounding clusters when applying grounding assemblies to a three phase system. We offer a variety ofSalisbury and Chance grounding clustersfor 3 and 4 wire assemblies.

If you needgrounding clustersandcluster sets, call our professionals at Divergent Alliance. We can advise you on which sets are appropriate for your application and help you put together a grounding assembly that consists of compatible equipment.

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Grounding Cable and Grounding Cluster Testing and Repair

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Personal protective grounding kits may need to be in place for multiple days or longer depending on the specific job. It is very important for the grounding to be tested and maintained for as long as it is in use for the safety of the workers. You should always inspect for damage and ensure that the connection points are clean.

If you want to ensure that your grounding is in good repair, you can enlist the help of our professionals at Divergent Alliance. We provide complete grounding testing and repair to ensure that your personal protective grounds are working properly. We will check the connections, look for damage, clean connection points, and test the grounding assembly.

Grounding Cable Grounding Cluster Testing - Repair Services

Our grounding cable and cluster testing and repair procedure includes the following steps:

  • Cleaning and measuring of grounding assembly:We will make sure the cable is the right gauge and length. The cable insulation and the clamp jaws will be cleaned to remove dirt and debris.
  • Inspection of grounding assemblies:We will check the grounding assembly for defects, exposed wire strands, corrosion, and other types of damage. Damaged or defective equipment will be removed to be repaired or destroyed. The grounding cannot go back in service until it passes this inspection.
  • Electrical testing:We will test the performance of the grounding assembly with an electrical test. If the grounding assembly does not pass the test, we will recondition the assembly and remove equipment that does not pass the electrical test for repair or replacement.
  • Repair and reconditioning after inspection:We will provide the repairs necessary and recondition the grounding assembly according to our inspection results. We can disassemble and reassemble the grounding, clean and inspect the equipment, and retest after reassembly. If the grounding assembly fails to pass the inspection again, the equipment will be removed and destroyed.

Grounding Cables and Clusters from Divergent Alliance

Divergent Alliance ContactUsing personal protective grounding properly is very important for the safety of linemen and utility workers. When the grounding is assembled correctly, it will effectively protect linemen from electric shock in case the system is re-energized.

Divergent Alliance supplies grounding cables, clusters, and other equipment for personal protective grounds for companies across the U.S. We can help you get the grounding cables and equipment you need for your specific applications from trusted manufacturers Salisbury and Chance.

Need a custom solution? Check out ourcustom grounding cablespage.

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