Traffic Safety Supply

A work zone is an area of roadway with utility work, construction, or maintenance. A work zone is typically marked by signs, barriers, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. Divergent Alliancetraffic safety supplycarries the most innovativework zone safety productsat incredible pricing. For more information check out our products below! Reach out to a specialist at 847-531-0559 or fill out a contact form!

Magnet Work Signs

Work Area Signs

This heavy-duty, reflective magnet features a custom, standout design that alerts workers to where the appropriate work area is located. Avoid dangerous and costly errors that come with working on the wrong vault, cubicle, switchgear, or transformer.Learn More

Marking Flags and Flagging Tape

Marking flags and Flagging tape is used around worksites for their ease of use, bright colors, and ability to resist fading making it ideal for increasing visibility of hazards and landmarks across a range of applications.Learn More

Reinforced Lighted Caution Tape

Lighted Barricade Tape (Caution and Danger)

At Divergent Alliance, we provide reusable, lighted caution tape and danger tape that is visible on job sites during the day and at night. This reinforced caution\danger tape is highly durable and weather-resistant and it features high-efficiency LED lights for maximum visibility.Learn More

Lighted Cone Bar

These heavy-duty, highly visible Divergent Alliance cone bars provide a high visibility barrier between pedestrians and potential hazards at both job sites and in public areas.Learn More

Barricade Tape (Caution and Danger)

Our all-purpose barricade tape is highly visible, waterproof, and tear-resistant. Reach out to us for incredible pricing!了解更多