Safeguard Equipment – COMPASS™ personal voltage detector and current detector

Safeguard Equipment is passionate about establishing a safe work environment and eliminating preventable accidents. This is why they created the COMPASS™.

Deadly voltage and current hide in plain sight.指南针™ detects electrical threats, exposes their location,and keeps you aware with a single glance.

The Compass™ Personal Voltage Detector & Current Detector is a smart hard hat device. The Compass current detector is a life-saving device that detects energized sources and alerts the users long before they are in danger of electrocution. The voltage detector warns users of the proximity and direction of an energized source. This wearable voltage detector and current detectors intelligent design allows the device to be configured in nearly any work environment.

In the world of dealing with electricity, especially when it comes to linemen or electricians, it is crucial to have a reliable voltage detector. During everyday work or storm response, voltage detection can mean the difference between being able to go home at night or the possible alternative.

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Compass Voltage Detector

How does the COMPASS Voltage detector work?

指南针™ from Safeguard Equipment is a personal voltage detector & current detector that detects energized sources and notifies users of the presence of voltage and current in their environment long before they are in danger of electrocution. This life-saving PPE device displays the direction and distance of the hazard, and it’s the only personal detection device that can sense current.

Wearable Voltage Detector for Utility Workers

The Compass Voltage Detector is engineered to attach to the underside brim of any standard hard hat. This is the first product of its kind to provide viewable alerts of any unseen electrical sources. The COMPASS Voltage Detector and current detector provides a 360-degree detection area around the user, and once a hazard is detected, Compass provides the user with both Audible and Visual Notifications.

Voltage Detector Benefits

  • Light weight, easy-to-use design
  • 6日对员工electrici左右ty
  • Proximity and directional alerts
  • Adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Built-in self-test feature

The Most Reliable Voltage Detector for lineman Safety

At Divergent Alliance, we provide the most reliable voltage detector built for personnel safety in the industry.

The Compass is a life-saving device that detects voltage and alerts users long before they are in a potentially harmful situation. This state-of-the-art voltage detector warns the user of both the direction and proximity of the energized source. The Compass voltage detector can be worn by any lineman or utility worker and can be used in any work environment. When you or your crew is on a worksite, you can trust that the compass voltage detector will keep your crew safe, even in the worst of weather conditions.

Additional Voltage Detector Features

Smart Adaptive Sensitivity

The Compass™ Personal Voltage Detector & Current Detector warns its users if there is any change in electric and magnetic fields nearby. The compass also features seven levels of sensitivity as well as smart adaptive mode, which adapts to its present environment to eliminate redundant alerts and then resume if the user moves closer to the energized source.

Flexible Power System

指南针™个人电压检测器和电流detector has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and uses a common 5V Micro-USB charge point. The current detector charges in 1.5 hours, has a 10-day battery life and has a typical life of 3-5 years before there’s any reduction in charge capacity.


指南针™ self-tests its sensor accuracy several times per hour. Tests are done in the background to prevent any nuisance to the user, and the heads-up-display will instantly inform the user if any problems are detected.

Industrial Durability

指南针™ is IP 67 water-resistant and can operate at temperatures ranging from -20° C (-4° F) to 60° C (140° F). The voltage detector is made with polycarbonate ABS material with UV resistance additives. All voltage detectors include a 1-year warranty.

Flexible Power System

指南针™个人电压检测器和电流detector is designed to be efficient, ergonomic, and intuitive with a slim low-profile housing that clips underneath the brim of any hard hat to provide LED alerts that are bright & distinct without obstructing the users line of sight.

Safeguard is a proud sponsor of our Hard Hat Hero series

Safeguard equipment wanted to show their appreciation for the series by partnering with us to provide our hard hat heroes with a compass personal voltage and current detector to keep our heroes safe on the job.