Chance Lineman Grade Tools

CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™ is a brand known and loved by many in the electric and utility industry for over 80 years. CHANCE has been supplying lineman tools since they acquired Tips Tools in 1937. CHANCE is a proud manufacturer of instruments and meters, hot sticks, protective grounding equipment, ladders, and rubber gloves.


Hot Line Tools
Grounding Equipment
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Distribution Market Leader

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) is an international supplier and manufacturer of distribution products. They pride themselves on being able to provide more than 85% of what you see on a conventional distribution pole. Every product Hubbell puts their label on meets and exceeds ANSI standards and is backed by industry-leading warranty.

Improving System Stability

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) manufactures products to aid in constructing, protecting, and maintaining substations. Hubbell has a comprehensive line of substation products built to withstand anything.

Transmission Service Solutions

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) is an international supplier and manufacturer of goods needed to support transmission developments, construction and maintenance needed. Hubbell is proudly an industry leader of transmission service solutions. Hubbell can provide 90% of the products needed to maintain a steel tower.

Generation for Tomorrow

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) is an international supplier and manufacturer of goods that support power generation. With the demand for energy increasing over time and generation assets inevitable aging, Hubbell provides its customers with cost-effective and reliable solutions for maintaining equipment and extending their useful lives.


末哈贝尔注册成立于1800s. Hubbell has acquired more than 75 companies throughout their time in business making them to powerhouse brand they are today.


CHANCE was established in 1907 founding the A.B. Chance Company. When this brand started nearly 120 years ago, they were manufacturing anchors. Their product line has grown significantly since they now serve many industries including distribution, substation, transmission, and communications.

CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™:

The CHANCE brand acquired Tip Tools Co. in 1937. After this acquisition, the brand became CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™. With 120 years of experience, chance has a vast product line of Pole line hardware, hot line tools, anchors, rubber goods, and more. CHANCE was acquired by Hubbell® in 1994 making them the brand we know and love today.



Hubbell is passionate about its customer’s success. They pride themselves on listening to customers’ needs and then exceeding their expectations. Hubbell is committed to developing long term relationships with their customers to ensure they serve them to the fullest.


Hubbell operates on a lean operating philosophy. They strive to remove any waste within their process and replace it with value. This helps customers and Hubbell mutually benefit.

Growing The Enterprise:

This is a combination of multiple strategies entrepreneurship, acquisitions, organic growth, and market creation. This strategy has lead Hubbell to the growth and brand that it is today, with revenues of $4.6 billion. Hubbell has grown its brand by adding more than 75 well-known brands to its product line.

Developing Employees:

Hubbell knows that the brand is nothing without its workforce. They strive to hire the right people and help them grow within the company and their career. In order for their employees to thrive, they offer development programs, foster diversity of ideas, and hold every employee to the highest standard of ethics.
  • Lineman Tools and EquipmentfromCHANCE大芝加哥地区和超越!CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™has been providing lineman with safety products for the electric utility industry for more than 80 years. CHANCE is a great company for linemen because of its extensive product line.

    Divergent Alliance is a prouddistributor of CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™. We can provide linemen across the United States with the following tools and equipment from CHANCE:

    Our product portfolio includes hot sticks, temporary cover-up, instruments and meters, temporary protective grounding equipment, and more.

    • Hot stick tools:CHANCE® offers a variety of handheld Insulated lineman hot sticks made with Epoxiglas® used by linemen during construction and line maintenance.
    • Cover-Up:CHANCE® temporary protective cover-up is made from 2 different materials, hard plastic or flexible rubber. CHANCE temporary protective cover-up is only intended for secondary, accidental brush contact and should only be installed for a maximum of 72 hours. A variety of covers for various applications up to 72.5kV phase-to-phase are available through Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. Temporary protective cover-up is manufactured, designed, and tested to meet ASTM and IEC standards.
    • Instruments & metersoffer a substantial assortment of instruments and meters designed for linemen. All instruments are designed to allow lineman to perform their job safely. These include energized insulator testers, phasing testers, auto-ranging voltage indicators, proximity voltage indicators, and more.
    • Lineman Equipment:offers boots, belts, harnesses, climbing gear, gloves, and more. Lineman gear is intended to keep all lineman safe while working electricity.
    • Crimpers & Cutters:Variety of conductor cutters to help linemen during overhead line construction and line maintenance.
    • Tool Storage:Variety of bags available for all lineman tools and equipment. Bags to safely store hot sticks. CHANCE® offers a variety of bags designed to safely store hot sticks, as well as bags to hold high voltage gloves, grounds, tools, and more.
    • Load Handling:Load handling equipment designed for linemen includes hoists, snatch blocks & hand line, slings, and more.
  • Divergent alliance is a one-stop shop for all lineman gear, tools, equipment, and more! We pride ourselves on supplying the best brands and products we can to make professional linemen and electricians’ lives simpler and safer. With our industry knowledge, we can help you find any lineman tool you need! Not only do we carry CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™ all your other lineman tool distributors as well. If you did not find what you were looking for from CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™ check out our Klein Tools, Buckingham Buck, and Hastings pages we assure you we can find what you need! We are passionate about providing lineman with tools that will keep them safe and confident while working. Make sure that you find the right product for your linework needs by talking to a professional at Divergent Alliance. We supply linemen and electricians with Tools, safety equipment, and protective grounding for professionals in the Chicago IL area and beyond! Give us a call or fill out our contact form!
    • 末哈贝尔注册成立于1800s by Harvey Hubbell in Bridgeport Connecticut. Harvey Hubbell was an inventor and industrialist; his inventions ultimately is what made the brand so successful. In 1888 demand grew for new machinery and manufacturing during the industrial revolution. Harvey began developing tools and equipment and created the first detachable electric plug in the United States that earned his first patent. As commercial availability of electric power became more popular Hubbell had a great opportunity for creativity and growth serving the electrical and utility industries.

    • Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) manufactures its line ofCHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™in Centralia, Missouri. With more than 75 years of engineering expertise, CHANCE is a highly established brand in the industry for tools and accessories in the construction and maintenance of power equipment. Hubbell doesn’t just specialize in lineman tools but also very knowledgeable in lineman grounding. HPS has been educating linemen since 1937 when Tips Tools was acquired they even wrote the encyclopedia of grounding. HPS broadened their range to hot sticks, clamps, grounding equipment, high voltage rubber gloves, and more products with the acquisition of A.B. Chance tools in 1994.

    • Hubbell today has grown immensely since 100 years ago but the company traditions have not. Hubbell is committed to delivering high quality, dependable products. The Hubbell brand has expanded its expertise into electrical, lighting, and power components that are used all over the world. Hubbell creates products that keep our world turning as we know it. Hubbell has acquired more than 75 companies throughout their time in business making them industry leaders that they are today.

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