Buckingham Manufacturing

Buckingham Manufacturinghas proudly served industries with workers who climb wood poles, trees, towers, and structures that support electricity, cable, and telecommunications equipment for over 120 years. Buckingham Manufacturing produces only the bestharnesses, body belts, climbers, Safety equipment, & more. Whether you work above or below ground in these industries, they producepersonal protection equipmentand specialty tools for work positioning, retrieval, fall restraint, fall arrest, and suspension work applications.


Proudly Serving Workers In High Locations Since 1896


Buckingham climbing gear
Buckingham climbing gear
Buckingham climbing gear
Buckingham tools

Canvas Bags

Buckingham tools

Heritage Line

providing linemen with body belts,
safety straps, pole climbing gear, Utility tools, and equipment

since 1896

Buckingham climbing gear

Buckingham Lineman Harnesses

LinemanHarnessesfrom Buckingham Manufacturing are built for comfort, mobility, and safety. With a wide range of options, linemen can choose the best option for the job. AllBuckingham lineman harnesses have quick connect buckles for easier donning, padded shoulder and leg pads for additional comfort.

buckingham Climbers

Climbers are designed to be used for ascending, descending, and maintaining position while working on poles or trees. All Buckingham climbers are ASTM rated. Climbers are available in aluminum, titanium, or steel.Buckingham climbing gearfeatures soft padding providing comfort for all-day use.

Buckingham Wood Pole
Fall Protection

BuckSqueeze™,SuperSqueeze™, andEZ SQUEEZE™白金汉制造业是一个木材杆下降Restriction Device that provides continuous Wood Pole Fall Protection during ascent and descent. Buckingham Manufacturing WPFP is easily adjustable to fit the size of the pole.

TheBuckingham Heritage™ Line
For Linemen

This elite line features products made with top of the line, ultra-soft, distressed leather for that already broke in feel and vintage look. The line includeslineman body belts, back belts, climber pads, mobility belts, tool holsters, and bags.

Stitch by stitch creating a legacy-the heritage line by Buckingham Manufacturing.

Buckingham Manufacturing

Buckingham Manufacturing has been in business for over 100 years with this expertise they have formulated their success based on good quality products. They are dedicated to providing their customers with exactly what they expect if not more. Buckingham Manufacturing and its employees are committed to:

  • 生产产品质量最高,durable, and with no defects.
  • Pride themselves on working with the consumer to find out what exactly they need from a product, how they can improve their product or services.
  • Constantly increasing productivity and performance through their company.
  • Devoted to improving quality management to eliminate defects throughout Buckingham Buck

Commitment to this policy starts from the top down– starting with the President and General Manager – and is embodied across every aspect of Buckingham Buck and its employees.


BUILD- products that meet and exceed Buckingham Buck’s customer standards and expectations.


UNDERSTAND- linemen put their safety in Buckingham Buck’s hands and rely on their products to get them home safely at the end of every workday.


CUSTOMER’S- are the backbone of Buckingham’s success they listen to their customer’s needs snd improve upon them. From quality, service to product development.


KNOWLEDGE- is vital from customer service, marketing, engineering to product development, Buckingham employees are knowledgeable on their products and industry.

The Buck Mission

Buck’s mission is to manufacture high-quality, reliable, and innovative products that make2022世界杯32强赛程表时间 ,arborists,2022年世界杯抽签 , and workers in many industries that they serve more efficient, more effective, and most importantly, SAFER.

The Buck Vision

Buckingham Manufacturing continues to be the worldwide leader and most trusted manufacturer of equipment and tools for2022世界杯32强赛程表时间 ,arborists, and related industries.

Buck Tough

Knowing the dangers of the utility industry, Buckingham Manufacturing makes their products Buck Tough. They are designed for rough use to withstand any work environment. All products go through thorough testing and inspection.

Buck Tested

Buckingham uses the most stringent standard for compliance. To make sure they are up to date on standards, they are active and voting members of ANSI, ASTM, and CSA. Buckingham is committed to developing products that are top quality and safe.
  • Buckingham Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, CSA, and CE requirements. The Buckingham factory is still located in its original location in Binghamton, NY. Buckingham Manufacturing is proud to label its products made in America. Buckingham Buck demands supreme workmanship and refuses to compromise quality over quantity.
  • Buckingham Buck harnesses, saddles, straps, etc. are thoughtfully designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Users of the equipment have to take responsibility for security and worksite safety. Please remember to:

    • Make sure you are fully trained to do the job at hand (Buckingham personal protective equipment is intended for use by trained professionals).
    • Know the intended use of each piece of equipment and how to use the equipment properly.
    • Thoroughly inspect equipment before each use for signs of wear or breakage.
    • Follow safe work practices..don’t take chances.. your life depends on your judgment!
  • At Divergent Alliance, we are a one-stoplineman supply storefor professional linemen and utility workers in the Chicagoland area. Divergent Alliance carries multiple brands for linemen fall protection and equipment check out our other pagesSafeWazeandKlein Tools. Linemen need to take every possible safety precaution to help protect themselves from injuries. Make sure you find the products that are right for you by talking to a professional at Divergent Alliance. We supply lineman with2022世界杯赛程安排 andprotective grounding equipmentfor professionals in the Chicago IL area. For more information onfall protectionsee blog page.

Buckingham Buck has a lot to offer but if they don’t have what you need one of our other distributor’s will! The2022世界杯32强赛程表时间 we supply are from the top manufacturers of the industry includingSalisbury,MADI,Greenlee,Huskie Tools,Klein Tools,SafeWazeand more!

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